Simple, unpretentious food such as grains, pasta and lettuce are enriched by the pungent, earthy flavors of garlic, onion, eggplant, and by the essences of olive oil, lemons and raisins. Mediterranean cooking, which is tied to nature and to the seasons, reflects the simple environment of sun-earth-sea. The cuisine of the Mediterranean flourishes because of this quality. Here at Skewers we strive to serve food with the same elemental quality. We have refined some traditional favorites into a repertoire of much lighter dishes by reducing the fat content while retaining the zest, tempting aromas and robust flavors that are hallmarks of Mediterranean fare.

Our menu is designed to accommodate both vegetarian and non vegetarian diners. When you visit our restaurant, we encourage you to enjoy some of the authentic dishes that our generous menu offers. Included are age-old favorites alongside some absolute surprises guaranteed to tantalize your curiosity. The menu also includes many heart healthy items that are suitable for those who follow a restricted diet, yet like the joys of eating and the finer things of life.

We believe that even the simplest meals may become ambrosia when you are in a happy mood. We hope our hospitality at Skewers sustains your happy mood and we thank you for sharing with us the pleasures of this delightful cuisine